Monday, 7 February 2011

Scribbly Pictures

And here are two others, one of Finesse fighting two villains at once - requested by Iceduck - and one showing Finesse's mecha leg WHICH SHE TOTALLY HAS.

(RIP, my leg.)

Oh yeah - I've also adapted Chronal's costume to make it easier to draw.

Happy 2010 Birthday Jom

Yes, see Iceduck's post below for what the sod this is and why it now exists. Also for why it's only being posted now. Anyway:

Guest appearance from Amity! And proof that the Narrator being evil wasn't as much of a one-off thing in Lyric's family as previously thought.

Happy 2010 Birthday, Iceduck

So, much though I gave the original to its recipient last year, I'm only now making my yearly appointment with Jom's scanner. So here it is! It's based on the old Hostess adverts Marvel used to put in their comics for Twinkies and Fruit Pies and the like, and would be a short six-panel strip in which a random hero from their roster would save the day with said delicious foodstuff. Now rendered into Scribblers, each advertising something the real person in question actually likes.

This was done before the election, so that's Nick Clegg. You can tell because his TIE IS YELLOW.

It's a wonder I don't do this professionally.